Spot Transactions
Take advantage of the current market rate and have same day settlements through our payment engine. Set a value date of up to two weeks to enjoy flexibility and to capitalise on short term fluctuations in the rate. This means you can take advantage of a preferential rate that day and not have to send the funds to us until your chosen value date.
Forward Contracts
Secure current preferred rates for future settlement. The currency markets at times are extremely volatile and forward contracts are used to hedge against currency fluctuations. If you have specific costing levels or rates, we can fix the rate for a set period of time to ensure that your profits are never effected by currency fluctuations. You can drawdown from your forward contract as many times as you like between the start date and the settlement date with no additional cost.
Market Orders
If you have a desired rate, we will monitor the markets for you giving you the opportunity to be focus elsewhere on your business, with the peace of mind that should the market reach your desired rate, we will have secured this for you.” We can either notify you when your desired rate can be achieved or automatically execute trades when your target rate has hit. We can also set stop losses to mitigate your risk to adverse currency fluctuations.


Efficient and reliable payments
Our payments system is directly integrated with SWIFT, which means your payments are processed the fastest way possible.
Latest online payment technology
Google Ventures recently invested over £4 Million in our online platform and payment technology, making it the easiest and most efficient way of dealing with your international payments.
Security of funds
The security of your funds are paramount to both your business and ours, we are authorised and regulated by the FCA and the HMRC, with your funds residing in client segregated accounts.

Online Platform

• Transparent Pricing
We publish the mid-market rate with the rate you receive from us to ensure you always achieve the best rate possible.
• No Payment Fees
Store beneficiary details and send payments to multiple beneficiaries with no extra fees.
• Secure, Same-day payments
All payments are sent via the SWIFT network and will credit your beneficiary’s account within hours.
• Validate Bank Details
Our banking code database verifies bank details to speed up the payment process.
• Real Time Payment Tracker
See the status of your payments in real time. Instant payment confirmations when your onward payment has been made.
• Trade History
View all of your previous trades and payments online. Set specific search criteria to find data quickly.
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Opening An Account

Follow these simple, secure and easy steps:
Easy online registration.
No setup costs and no obligation to trade.
Compliance Check
We verify your details through our systems, ensuring we fulfil our regulatory obligations.
Meet Your Account Manager
Start your ongoing relationship with your designated account manager to manage your requirements.
Ready To Go
Your account is now open,
giving you access to our products and services.


Making overseas payments at times can be expensive, confusing and time consuming. Our easy to use online platform is designed to make the process as quick and cost effective as possible.
With the help of Pangea, you will be able to make secure online payments across the globe and our transparent pricing means that you will know you are receiving the most competitive market rates. Each client is assigned a dedicated account manager to help make the process as smooth as possible and they will be able to provide you with important market information to help you achieve the best rates.
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We provide companies with the services and industry knowledge they need to fulfil their foreign currency requirements.
Whether you are making international payments or repatriating profits from overseas our team of currency specialists and account managers are there to help make the process more efficient and cost effective for your business. We offer a range of products that will enable your business to lower its foreign currency risk and maximise your profits.
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The Trading Process

Book Your Trade
Lock in your preferential rate with either your online platform or with your account manager by phone or email. You will receive receipts via email each step of the way.
Send Us The Funds
Send your funds into our client segregated ring fenced account held with Barclays.
Instruct Your Payment
Use our IBAN checker to instruct your payment to your chosen beneficiary bank account anywhere in the world.
Receive Your Funds
Whether the funds are going back to your own beneficiary  a subsidiary or directly to a supplier, the funds will credit safely without delay.
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